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Common to all teaching approaches, appreciation and application of knowledge is the core idea of constructivism. Yager and Australian Writings (1991) offers ten suggestions as a guide towards constructing a constructivist science classroom.
– allow students’ interest and problems to direct the curriculum;
– have resources available as sources of information to allow for problem-resolution;
– allow the students to learn relevant life solving problem information;
– allow for learning to occur and extend out of the classroom as well as its allotted time;
– individualize the students’ need for science;
– do not allow for science to become a learned roped activity solemnly done for the purpose of test performance;
– do not allow science to become a modeled process only to mimic the actions of scientists;
– allow for awareness in science or related science careers;
– allow the students the opportunities to deliver and resolve their issues;
– show that science and technology are interrelated in shaping the future.

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